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"Not here. Leave a message."
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Kate Galloway (23)
Hate these things. Just talk to me.
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❝ It's Kate. Not here. Leave a message. ❞
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Character Relations

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So! Kate's main ability is the ability to see other people's powers. To quote her app:
Kate can also see the powers of other Superhumans and Creatures. This power is always on, and manifests as something very similar to thermal vision - in other words, each power is represented by a colour. (E.G. Red for fire powers, cornflour blue for the enhanced physical abilities, etc). It can only see as far as Kate's own line of sight goes, but allows her to see when powers are being used, or when powers are damaged/drained.
To this end, I'd like to gather permissions/descriptions of people's powers for me to use in tags.
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