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Apr. 1st, 2017 07:58 pm
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Apr. 1st, 2017 07:57 pm
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Kate Galloway (23)
Like running and drinking. Don't like these bios.


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So! Kate's main ability is the ability to see other people's powers. To quote her app:
Kate can also see the powers of other Superhumans and Creatures. This power is always on, and manifests as something very similar to thermal vision - in other words, each power is represented by a colour. (E.G. Red for fire powers, cornflour blue for the enhanced physical abilities, etc). It can only see as far as Kate's own line of sight goes, but allows her to see when powers are being used, or when powers are damaged/drained.
To this end, I'd like to gather permissions/descriptions of people's powers for me to use in tags.
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NAME: Nico
AGE: 27
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] forethought

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So, Kate can make things react to powers (see more), with various applications, but the most common is to see and analyse powers. So, as a result, please fill out this form if your character has powers so we can discuss things!

PLAYER CONTACT: (in case of more questions!)

COULD KATE SEE YOUR CHARACTER'S POWERS: (no is a completely acceptable answer. Due to the differences in universes, she has to specifically figure out each person's power 'wavelength' if you like, so I can easily say she can't or doesn't figure them out. She can't see powers from non-biological entities - so a robot would just be a hunk of metal, etc.)
ABILITIES: (short descriptions work best, if specifics are ever needed, I will contact you!)
HOW WOULD THEY PRESENT: (for example, powers in Kate's world look like a circulatory system and each have different colours - fire would be red, telekinesis royal purple, things like that. Feel free to get as creative as you like with how your character's powers would look!)
COULD KATE AFFECT YOUR CHARACTER'S POWERS IN OTHER WAYS?: (her enchantment skills extend to making sensors and monitors for security and health purposes, creating items that can channel powers and items to drain power.)
COULD YOUR CHARACTER'S POWERS BE AFFECTED BY HEALTH PROBLEMS OR SIMILAR: (such as power exhaustion or any other problem that would affect how she may see your character's power. This is a thing in her world and what she spent the last seven years training for, so she would definitely be on the lookout for anything unusual.)
OTHER: (anything else you might find relevant)

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location(s): [ spiral 2, house 1404 // the clinic ]
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